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M-10 uniform - school uniform manufacturer in India


M-10 uniform was founded in 1998 by Mr.Dilip Jain and since then we have been one of the leading Uniform Manufacturers in India. We supply many schools in India and we give them the best uniforms. We supply affordable school uniforms for girls and boys. When our clients come to us we cater to their vision. As a team of professionals we understand what our clients want and deliver the best results.

At M-10 uniform our designs are innovative and there are always fresh and new ideas for each and every client. Our textiles are of excellent quality and we make each uniform according to the size requirements given. Our fit is ingenious and we provide with the best. M-10 uniform is a part of a continuous strategic process of creative inputs from experts in the field. We consider each client differently and ensure they are satisfied with the end results. Each client is given the uttermost importance.

Recently Mr.Chirag Dilip Jain (MBA) and Mr.Anish Dilip Jain (BMS) joined the organization to systemize & expand the business. The entire team works together to achieve the same goal.



Our mission is to make and supply a variety of uniforms that fit. We are proud to say that the uniforms we supply are unmatched with fresh new styles and excellent textiles. We supply a uniform that is distinct, unique, versatile and affordable.



  • We have ready stock of uniforms throughout the year.
  • We have different styles and sizes of uniforms to ensure that your student has the best.
  • We have many stores located at several convenient locations ensuring ease for parents.
  • We use excellent, well-tested fabric and our deliveries are prompt.